Mar. 21, 2022

HND Justice News : Ketanji Brown begins senate confirmation hearing today .

The USA senate will begin a confirmation hearing today foe the Biden administration appointee to replace USA supreme court justice Breyer who is resigning .
Republican senate minority leader McConnell has said Brown is very qualified for the promotion in her judicial district career.
Brown who clerked for justice Breyer she is to replace if confirmed ' was a former Dictrict of Columbia judge and a federal judge at the DC circuit .
While Thurgood Marshall was a black justice at the court many decades ago ' Titanji Brown is the first African American woman nominated by a USA president to the supreme court.
Obama nominated two women ' Elena Kagan and and Sotomayor ' both liberal in their judicial approach and ideologies to the law and justice .
Laws on their own are not always just and made by the people through their representatives unlike in Banana republics. where the executive branch usurps the authority and positions of so called parliamentarians. many appointed instead of elected .
The judiciary is one of the arms of a federal government and is suppoze to interpret the laws made by law makers and not make laws on the bench .
Case laws should never deviate from interpretation of the laws ' making the arguements of precedents outright nonsense .
While the appointment of Ms Brown to the courts may be good political optics for democrats and black women ' her presence in the court will not make much of a difference since republicans hold a 6-:3 advantage over democrats .
...Chief John Robert's had tried giving the courts the credibility it deserve with some objective rulings and or judgements ' joining and aiding with the republicans 'though the court is viewed as a highly political and partisan tool in the hands of republicans .
The are thorny issues that the court is grappling with today including abortion and reproductive rights and voters rights .
Clarence Thomas 'an African American is one of the most dogmatic conservative justice in the court voting with republicans most of the times .
Most judges says things the senators want to hear during the confirmation hearing in order to be confirmed and later do as they please while in the court .
. Most appeal cases taken to the supreme court are not taken up .
On few occasions like the Bush vs Gore presidential elections disputes in Florida ' the court was accused of saying partisan politics.
Political leaders who studied the judiciary as a part of government ' get to understand the place of the court in democracy and how to make policies and or execute within the laws .
Absent of surprises ' Brown will be confirmed by the USA senate .
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo international political leader physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.