Mar. 21, 2022

HND justice news: Republican female senator set the stage for Ketangi Brown record attacks .

A USA supreme court confirmation is never easy no matter how much the senators beg for civility.
Ketanji brown cannot run away from her life experiences and nature which have influenced her judicial decisions ' rulings and judgements over the years.
The is nothing like an independent lawyer or court judge in the world for all humans are influenced by their natures and nurture .
Part of the decisions or legal opinions of Judge Brown are rooted in the fight for justice and equality in America with a history of racism and discrimination that led to a civil war that almost break apart the nation .
Republicans laid bare the history of Democrats attacking the caragher ' person and qualifications of republican nominees ' even saying that democrats attAcked and blocked. Minorities who were nominated by previous republican leaders and destroyed the chances of those nominees because they minority republicans .
.Anita's Hill and Clarence Thomas is still a fresh reminder .
A republican female senator has brought out some positions that Ms Brown had taken on critical race theory and black lives matter issues . She is seen as one of those judges who are soft orchid abuse and pornography.
She was accused for being soft on criminals .
Those who have worked in Washington DC USA know that the minority population is huge and as a judge in that district ' Brown. Would be seen as too harsh on her own people if she always disposed of cases the way the whites want it .
Going forward 'the democratic senators will be playing role of defense while the republicans the role of prosecutors .
Again the rule of law ' upholding the constitution will play out .
The republicans will use this confirmation to talk to their constituents on the political issues of the day going into.midterm elections 2022.
Most of the political issues have legal and judicial context and Brownwill have to know some political science as it relates to USA state craft.
Her handlers are aware of these issues and will try to work on them .
She should not be afraid to defend minority rights 'just make sure she uses the constitution ' the law and the speeches of those Republican senators themselves .
She should not run from her record ' opinions and judgements but defend them with all the resources she can gather in the world .
Democrats have nothing to.lose ir gainwith this appointment but an opportunity to show to the American people that they are the party that gave America 'president Obama ' Vice president Kamala Harris and now the first black female supreme court justice and first Latino Sotomayor.
In this confirmation' America is once again on trial and the republicans may just exposes wrongs done to minorities using the courts and criminal justice system.
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo international political leader physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.