Mar. 22, 2022

Nations continue to ask for the united nations headquarters to be moved out of USA New York.

UN security council veto holding nations including Russia and the USA have destroyed the credibility of the united nations by refusing to accept the advice of the organization not to. Invade Sovereign member nations with lies fabricated and presented to the body .
The history of mankind is one invasion and another .
Russia accuses. Germany aof Invading Europe and France's Napoleon invading many West and East European countries .
The United Kingdom invading the Cinies in the Americas and burning down capitols and killing Anglos who ran to Indian lands in the Americas.
During the Iraq invasion ' America was accused fir war crimes but refused to let the nation and president Bush face the international criminal court of the UN .
NATO in excessive bombing of Libyan civilian buildings and killing too many in Libya defended the civilian Libya killings as casualties of war

While the world condemns the Killings of Ukrainians and destruction of properties ' Russia a UN security council veto member is chairing the security council and making the body look ridiculous in it's deliberate and subtle ways the chair defends it's country .
The more united NATO becomes ' the more the other groups work together to defend their interests.
The UN has resigned itself into the humanitarian aspects of the fall outside of invasions by member states with veto powers .
Russia like other veto members of the UN has nuclear weapons and ready to use them should others meddle in their internal affairs they claim.
The Irandeal is now back on the table because a nuclear Iran is a great danger to Isreal and the rest of the world .
Creation of G8 was not a wise thing to do because it undercuts and undermines the united nations .
The is no safety any where in the World because nations have proven that they cannot stop others with nuclear weapons .
Might is right international relationship is now the new World order and Russia has the invasion of other countries by members of NATO as defense for it's might is right approach in Eastern Europe.
.Zensky and Ukraine have now understood what others knew a long time ago 'that allies can only go so far and the defense of their nation is in their own hands .
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo international political leader physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.