Mar. 23, 2022

Ketanji Brown senate hearings : Hyperactive 'partisan exercise in futility .

As previously opined ' democrats will play the role of defense and republicans the role of prosecutors and they did 'making the whole process very very partisan and a futile waste of tax payers money .
Too much repetitions on the child sexual abuse and pornography crimes and Judicial Philosophy.
Why war crimes Anericans accused republicans of committing during the Iraq war should not have been called out in her defense of those the government dealt with .
Inability to accept that laws of the USA did not mostly originate from here .
The confusion in defining what Sovereignty of Indian tribal nations.was .
Application of new laws retrospectively when the statutes never said so .
Fiercely sending a message to the judicial branch of government that judges are not elected as if the elections of judges in Texas is done but in England .
The constance reference to stay on my lane 'makes it almost impossible for the people to appreciate the interconnected between the three branches of government as political scientists know .
Democratic senators like Corey Booker were more interested in the showmanship of the process.
The refusal and or inability to define who a woman is and saying I am not a biologist was very unfortunate since. I expected that learned people should know things that concern their sexes and gender to a certain degree.
Like republicans in previous confirmation hearings ' the Democrats came to use that which Republicans had previously accepted in the defense of their own candidates and appointees wrong or not .
Democrats tried to cover their votes and republicans tried doing what democrats did and do to their own appointees.
Development communication looks at many of the issues raised and accept that Tetanji Jackson Brown is a product of her time and nation .
The nation is right always and above the law .
America has regretted certain actions during wars for which they have punished or held the perpetrators accountable and they are war crimes which Tetanji Brown cannot call out .
She has done and performed like Amy Barret or even better and would likely be confirmed to join the minority group.of three liberal justices 'as conservative use their super majority to. do the bidding of their sponsors .
The partisan nature of the USA supreme court is partly blamed on the way the judges are selected ' appointed and confirmed .
Shameful for senators to show that dark money is used by both sides in hundreds of millions to decide appointees. influence confirmation and opinions while on the bench .
America is always on trial during these supreme court proceedings which expose these weaknesses of the system .
Like republicans previously ' democrats have the votes to confirm her and the exercise is futile in the most part .
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo international political leader physician and communicator.
Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.