Mar. 30, 2022

Donald Trump calls on Russia Putin to expose president Biden and Sun Hunter .

Former USA Republican president Donald Trump is calling on president Putin of Russia to expose the suppose corrupt deals of Biden son Hunter in Ukraine and Russia 'almost taking sides with Russian during the war in Ukraine over president Biden and the USA.
Trump has been condemned by senators Lindsey Graham and MIT Romney ' both saying they will not seek the help of Putin rat a time like this .
Trump is fighting for his political life and family life and sees the January 6th congressional hearings as a witch hunt by president Biden and democrats to take him down and out completely and is fighting back the way he does best .
A judge has said Trump committed felonies during the January 6th invasion of the USA capitol and American democracy by Trump supporters who were sent there with the matching orders to fight like hell.
.Trump remains a strong opinion person in the Republican party with huge base followership that can make or mar opposing and or supporting members of the Republican party.
Trump must be calculating that Putin will likely want to destroy president Biden and his family after Biden said Putin should not be in power.
USA senator Hawley has said Trump can say what ever he wants in response while democrats are condemning Trump in support of Biden and his son hunter .
Donald Trump is doing all he can to destroy Democrats like recently taking Hilary Clinton and others to court for the Trump campaign Russia collusion accusation though the Mueller report implicated members of the Trump team of getting resources and help from the Russians which were freely given .
. .American state craft and politics has become more partisan in the 20th and 21st century ' though both Abraham Lincoln and FDR had great partisan oppositions to their leadership during triing times in American political history .
Lincoln had the South and Confederate armies almost breaking America apart while Frederick Delano Roosevelt and his New deal policies and programs to deal with the greatest depression during the two world wars were called. Socialism take over for Staline of Russia .
Those who think polarization and partisan bickering in American politics and state craft is a thing of recent years must be very ignorant of the true nature and evolution of the USA.
President Lincohn and Kennedy were killed in the USA while in office ' a sign that violence in American.politics did not start with Trump .
The tea party in opposing and Obstructing Barack Obama 'borrowed alot of their philosophy and strategies from previous USA opposition groups .
Stalin was a friend of Hitler before the later invaded Russia during the wars.
. Enemies of others could be friends to some and Trump needs Russia and Putin alliance to destroy their common enemy today that happens to be USA president Joe Biden and Democrats and is tapping to that animosity irrespective of what Graham and Romney say .
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo international political leader physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.