Apr. 1, 2022

Hollywood violent media films promoting violence globally: Smith and Rock stimulate discussions

Will Smith and Rock have exposed Hollywood as related related to promoting Violence globally with Each apologizing to the other for short movie they acted before gaetting their toys during the last Oscar's.
Agression of verbal insults and physical aggression. Where in display that has America surprised by it's own movies osf Violence that feeds violence in families ' communities and nations .
Those hypocrites condemning Will Smith condone violence done on minorities by police ..
Those praising rock confine verbal assaults on women especially minority women. mostly done in the form of comedies.
Smart Americans are cautious as America discussed what Smith and Rock were up to .
At time whenviolent crimes are happening in most major USA cities ' Smith and Rock have placed the short movie squarely before the USA and the world .
Anger is an emotion that may lead to aggressive behaviors and many Violent movies produced by Hollywood and sold globally plays a big re violence .
Smith and Rock want you to see that verbal insults have led to road rage and aggressive killings .
Verbal insults have lead to physical aggression and spousal killings .
Hollywood wood violent movies like the shirt one involving actors Smith and Rock teach people aggressive behaviors which are rewarded in social cycles and gangs .
Instead of insulting and or praising Smith and or Tock as the case may be ' let us use the short drama as a global health communication toolto discuss and prevent the epidemic of violence in the USA partly promoted by Oscars honoring movies with violent actors using violent gun instruments.
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo. international political leader physician and communicator..Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.