Apr. 1, 2022

Republican supreme court justice Clarence Thomas and wife caught in Trump election steal scandal .

The second black to be appointed in the USA supreme court and who votes predominantly with the republican appointed conservative judges of the USza supreme court in person of Clarence Thomas has been told by democrats in the USA parliament to recuse himself of cases related to the 2020 presidential elections and the violent invasion of the USA Capitol and democracy on Kanuary 6th 2021 by Trump supporters.
Clarence was the only justice who voted against the release of Trump White House documents to the January sixth congressional investigation commission .
The wife of Thomas has been exposed to have taken part 'working with Meadows to override and overrule the election decision of the American people .
Thomas has been placed in a very compromising position with many saying he should just resign when republicans say they need more like Thomas in the court .
FDR faced opposition to his new deal policies from Republican conservative supreme court justices and planned to pack the court with liberal justices who would vote in favor of many of his new deal programs .
FDR never had any presidential office term limits and used his long stay in the presidency of the USA to pass lots of liberal progressive policies 'many which the supreme court later accepted for fear of court packing .
The Thomas family may have given the democrats the defense to pack the court as many say thanks outright corruption in the court partly drivenby dark money used by both parties to determine who gets appointed to the court and how they te on cases .
Global watchers of the USA state craft and judicial system wonder why these issues continue to happen in America .
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo international political leader physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.