Apr. 5, 2022

HND international development news: UN council request impartial investigations in Ukraine.

The members of the UN security council meeting today the 5th of April 2022 in the UN headquarters New York. on the subject of of Civilian killings in Ukraine generally agreed that an impartial investigation should be done to determine if it is Russians who killed the civilians or Ukrainians after the Rusdians had left the cities in question.
The Russian representative accused the United states of war crimes in Afghan. saying that was the reason the USA left the human rights body under Trump .
President Zelensky spoke to the members and indirectly insulted those in the room for not working to bring security to Ukraine according to the purpose of the first article of the UN charter .
Zelensky called Russia an occupier who butchers .
Zelensky called on the UN to remove Russia from the security council and if they cannot reform or dissolve ' a statement that indicates the United Nations is useless and to dissolve or go .
Zelensky also called part of the body to be moved to Kyiv.
While the member states stressed the need for humanitarian assistance to delivered unhindered. and respect for international and humanitarian laws ' China continued to ask other nations to stop fueling the war and pursue peace through dialogue.
The West was condemned by the Eastern representative while the representative of the European Union promised the EU support for Ukraine and reconstruction .
It was said that the Might is right world order of today does not serve the world .
The meeting shows that Russia and China are suspicious of the USA and the West especially as China believes that certain nations want the want to continue 'asking them to stop fueling it .
Invasion of UN Sovereign states by veto members of the security council is common like the USA Invasion of Iraq and Russia Invasion of Ukraine ' and that is partly why Zelensky thinks the UN should be dissolved.
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo international political leader physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.