Apr. 9, 2022

Oscars banned Concussion movie actor W. Smith for 10 years .

Will Smith who like other actors and actresses plays the lives of very hard-working successful people in Medicine 'Surgery and technology like he did Nigerian American consultant Pathologist Dr. Omalu in the film Concussion has been banned for 10 years film academy from their events .
The ban is disciplinary action taken following what is now called #slapgate 'which is the scandal that happened during the last Oscar during which Chris Rock was slapped by Will Smith onstage after Tock made a joke about Smith's wife.
Rock said he went too far with the joke and apologized and never pressed charges.
The police at the event who witnessed a crime or assault did not need the permission of anybody to act but let it go.
Social psychologists s have addressed the circumstances and what they think was happening.
Anger. aggression or violence can take various forms. In a time when America is dealing with great Surges of violent crimes,' Will Smith and others are advised to take courses in Anger management.
Know yourself or your personality. Your attitude 'feelings and behaviors are affected by people or a person around you. Deal with your feelings often. Stress either at work or relational may Express itself at times and face the least expected especially when the are triggers.
Emotional IQ is also important and at the end of the day ' the legal issues and consequences of inappropriate behaviors like an assault on others. should be known.
In many countries 'provocations defense in the courts of law while in the USA probation is a mitigating factor.
This is a teaching moment for Hollywood that is partly to be blamed for the violence among youths and certain adults through the teachings in the violent movies they produce for domestic and international consumption.
Intentional and unintentional violence is costing the USA and the World billions of dollars in fees treatment and prevention or protection costs.
Dr, Ntuba Thompson Akwo international political leader physician, and communicator
.Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser to prime ministers and presidents.