Apr. 11, 2022

Ukraine government minister blames US and NATO for the Russia Ukraine war.

Russia-Ukraine war messaging has subtle insults and blame game while manipulating the USA and Western Europe as revealed in statements made by Ukraine 's representatives.
Ukraine foreign minister said Sunday that if. NATO members had admitted Ukraine into the organization when they applied ' the would be no war today .
The os mo guarantee that Russia cannot attack a NATO member since Russia boast of Nuckezr capability that threatens NATO members into inaction .
...The desire to have Americans die for Ukraine by having USA boats on the ground has not happened nor the no fly zone declaration .
It is not unusual to have an American ally like Sadam Hussein the USA used to fight Iran for 8 years turn against the control dictates of the master .
What are the guarantees that Ukraine and Zelensky will always follow the dictates of the USA?.
America impeached a sitting USA president in the pstson of Donald Trump over issues in Ukraine related to fraud 'corruption and bad governance.
Republicans in the most part are suspicious of Ukraine leaders many of whom they called corrupt.
Zelensky questioned the usefulness of the United nations ' a body or association that serve the wishes of the USA through it's European Secretary general.
Ukraine is frustrated with the politics of the USA and NATO as it talks about timelines for delivery of demanded war resources bought by American tax payers dollars from war producing companies .
Russia knows the dynamics of the politics inside NATO and EU and playing accordingly.
Zelensky has one eye on the negotiations in Turkey that may have advised Russia to move to the East and claim the territory over there .
Those talking war will wish to continue using tax payers money to buy weapons from companies they have stakes in to kill people in Ukraine.
Russia and others who trade in Weapons of destruction are already making huge money from sales of arms .
Questions about NATO and EU not admitting Ukraine are all related to dealing with a nuclear Russia .
These issues make America to say Iran must never be allowed to have nuclear weapons Like Russia.
Those nations that former USA invader of Iraq called George Bush called Axis of evil ' have now learnt from Russia that the West is afraid of nations with nuclear weapons and the United nations is helpless in the face of veto masters of the security council .
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo international political leader physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser to prime ministers and presidents.