Apr. 12, 2022

HND defense communication : Partisan press representing their sender nations write in support.

Press or communication people who are spies of certain nations for their sender nations inside Ukraine are disappointed with the UN sending independent investigators to see what Ukraine military is doing and accusing Russia to weep up sentiments and emotions to get the West and USA do atomic bombing like was done in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan some decades ago .
Though Russians are killing in Ukraine ' in the war ' Ukrainians are killing too and as they say many Russians .
Veto members of the UN security council only have to say Iraq and or Ukraine is a threat to their national security to invade those countries .
These veto members have rubbished the international criminal court and the UN disrespecting the Secretary general's including Koffi Annan and Antonio Guterres.
.Ukraine like Iraq and Libya invasions and destructions have shown that the West has the right to invade what ever country they chose for what ever reasons they have but not others .
The do as I say not as I did hypocrisy is killing innocent Americans around the World .
Russia media people inside Ukraine are not reporting the whole truth ' selecting what will please and serve the narrative of Russia and so too other nations and their press persons .
The messages of distrust from Ukraine president Zelensky of the West and NATO is a window to other things happening in Ukraine.
The meetings in Istanbul Tirkey are influencing certain actions inside Ukraine by Russia and Ukraine .
The politics of the war is already on the table with the European Union already talking about reconstruction going ahead of the USA for reconstruction projects 'most likely for companies from the Western nations .
Those who manufacture weapons have to sell them to those who must use them .
Press people can foolishly be used by low iq manipulators talking about respect cuz.
Accusation of corruption during Iraq war almost destroyed the legacy of Kofgi Annam and the same may happen to Antonoo Guterres in Ukraine with the presence of biade and bought media people ' who will and write contradictory stories to counter any objective UN independent report findings in Ukraine.
Ukraine president Zelensky says the UN should dissolve if it cannot carry out it's objectives in article 1 of it's charter .
Humans have a tendency of getting rich off the misery of the weak and the Ukraine war is another opportunity. for fake news companies as the savior of the USA President Donald Trump calls them .
Those with training and much experience in communication work know what the press is doing with the happenings inside Ukraine just like what the chief press or communication person Zelensky is saying with subtle messages 'attacking the feebleness of the West and USA as it relates to their request for no fly zone 'that Biden says may escalate out of Eastern Europe and possibly the use of Nuclear weapons .
It is hard to tell the truth and the whole truth of what is really happening inside Ukraine 'since it may contrary to the narrative of sending nations .
The statements made at the security council by stake holders about the war requires wisdom and courage in reporting about the war .
. The narrative is that Ukraine and the allies must win and the reporting must follow that narrative or shut out .
The press is once more called to order and requested to report on the factual truth not supporting write ups for Russia or Ukraine.
In all wars all parties commit atrocities which must be condemned.
The temptation to be involved in the politics of the war when communicating about it is high but must be avoided if reporters can .
Less reporting is done about the peace efforts and more on who is giving what weapons to kill more humans.
The narrative of winning wars fuel the killing of more people and prolonging the war.
The war is between Russuavand Ukraine and both countries should negotiate a truce while all others take a step back .
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo international political leader physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.