Apr. 14, 2022

New York governor poster insinuate African Americans are haters because of NY subway shooter.

The African American black male who shot people in the New York subway has brought back memories and talk of hate by people of that race and community in the USA .
In Houston 'Latinos could not understand why Venessa Gurllen was killed the way the African American soldier did .
In New York many Asians are beaten and others killed by African Americans and other counties in the state of Washington.
Crime in America are caused by people of all the races in America .
The is constant accusations and counter accusations of hatred and racism by one group and another .
Some say they are fast to call the subway shooter a terrorist but not the shooter of blacks in a Church .
The accused himself may be accusing America of hate and racism which motivated his shooting.
All humans are capable of hate and or love .
Many whites have been charged and convicted for hate crimes like the Aubrey killers in Georgia .
Hate should not prevent good people from fighting and exposing haters and their foolishness.