Apr. 27, 2022

Global health professional and expert Dr, Ntuba Akwo calls for more efforts in vaccinations

Photo credit, healthndevelopment magazine, and media. Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson is credentialed and at work at the world vaccine congress.

The World vaccination week activities are ongoing globally with calls from Global health experts including an international political leader, physician, and communicator Dr. Ntuba , Akwo Thompson calling for more efforts by the global health community to increase the level of vaccination against vaccine-preventable diseases like Polio and Measles.
The covid 19 pandemic disrupted global vaccination efforts, including health systems of middle and low-income countries, with much-needed funds and finances allocated for vaccines and vaccinations reallocated towards the fight against the Covid 19 pandemic and the procurement of Covid 19 vaccines.
Dr. N tuba Akwo is a former senior staff medical officer at the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital, former deputy chief medical officer at St Francis Poly Clinic, former Director of Bethel health foundation, and National chairman for health among elites in a regional or state civil society nonprofit who advised a government through the office of prime minister and president to strengthen the health system of the nation by addressing health human resource shortages with the opening of a medical school in Buea university, increases in budgetary allocation in the national budget for health, improve infrastructure, better communication or health information services for information, education and communication, improved quality of health service delivery and prioritization of health issues.
Dr. Ntuba Akwo who is a certified professional and expert in Global health in the USA has worked tirelessly in supporting the different levels of the USA government's preparedness and response to covid 19 in the past two years, bringing resources from Geneva colleagues during the biweekly meetings with WHO director-general Dr, Tedros, especially in the area of Covid-19 vaccination acceptance and overcoming hesitancy disinformation.
Dr. Ntuba Akwo believes that vaccinations against vaccine-preventable diseases save lives of children and prolong life for all and calls on all especially health care workers to do more to increase the number of vaccinations globally.