May. 5, 2022

Offshore technology conference or OTC highlights importance of occupational safety and health

The center for off shore safety presented a number of educational presentations at the offshore technology conference taking place at the NRG center owned by Harris County Texas in keeping with their work in safety , sustainability and environmental protection .
The discussions at the key note level was titled managing the knowledge transition : Navigating cultural differences between Generations to accomplish critical knowledge transfer .
The key note speakers address two segments of their talk under 1 Process and 2 Workforce .
The differences in knowledge and experiences that drive outcomes are different among different generations the speakers said relating to work hazards and occupational or industry safety in offshore operations .
Global steps and local steps were given in securing safety .
The work force is very important as partners for their companies in providing safe and healthy environments for work .
Communication was also given as an important ingredient for success with the new generation of workers or younger workers learning virtually using technology .
The challenges given included reduction in the workforce , cost concerns and digital solutions .
The participants were told to focus on people , policy , process , balance and standardization .
To get better outcomes , participants are told to invest in leadership from among those in the offshore operations , focus on relationships , infrastructure , mentoring , competency verification advancement opportunity among others .
The mid day keynote was titled , perspectives on safety , safety management and policy updates from regulatory senior leadership .
Advancement in safety leadership was also addressed .
Science, innovation and cutting edge technology for health , safety and environment [HSE] presented much needed insight and resources by presenters .
Dr, Ntuba Akwo Thompson