May. 20, 2022


The USA undersecretary for African affairs took matters into his own hands to lecture Cameroon as to why she was not to form and sign a military pact with Russia while the eastern European giant was challenging the USA and western Europe in Ukraine.
The USA undersecretary made his position clear in writing a few days before the 20th May national day celebrations of 2022 with a parade to take place in the capital city of Yaounde presided over by Mr. Paul Biya who has been in government for close to 65 years, 40 as president and close to 25 years as a minister.
Like the usa colonized by the British, Cameroon had a traumatic experience with Western European nations who went to Africa calling the kingdoms of people groups British and French trust territories, manipulating half-educated people like Adhijo, Foncha, and Muna as they subjugated the indigenous owners of their lands and kingdoms.
As the so-called trust colonizers went, the lands returned to their kingdoms and owners who like American Indians in the USA, use historical legal rights at the UN to defend their indigenous lands and kingdoms while others are fooled by the manipulations from and by the West to believe that a nonexistent historical nation at the union can be created by force using the lands and people of other kingdoms and people they call their own.
Mr. Biya and his Bulu Beti Ewondos afraid of the threats of Mr. Donald Trump and the present undersecretary for African affairs decided to make a military pact with Russia during the Ukraine war.
It must be noted that Cameroon refused to join the USA and western European nato to condemn Russia at the USA and western European controlled un security council in new york.
Cameroon,s history is one of intrigues, manipulations, and murder as it happens in banaNA republics where a tribal man and his tribe,s people can parasite in government for more than 65 years.
educated and intelligent Cameroonians are surprised at what is happening in Cameroon where opponents of Biya and life chairmen of political parties are framed up and imprisoned so that the Biya, Bulu Beti Ewondo mafia of being life president come to pass.
Cameroon as a nation was not birthed on the 20th of May.
it must be noted that Biya and his tribal Bulu-Beti-Ewondos can only hijack and parasite on the government for close to 65 years because Americuba and western Europe helped them over the years with constant messages of congratulations and commitment to partnerships.
To the unsuspecting, the statements of the undersecretary for African affairs are statements from one of those legal leaders of Cameroon and Africa, which is far from the truth and very misleading, causing many to die prematurely with guns and bombs in their hands.
Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson, is an international political leader, physician, and communicator. certified professional and expert global health USA. adviser of prime ministers and presidents.