May. 21, 2022


The city of Houston public library organized the first Mental Health fair at the Barbara Bush Literacy plaza at the down town library .
Relaxed participants who were relaxed enjoyed the inaugural mental health event with lots of wellness resources from multiple community mental health providers and vendors .
The major speakers or presenters were the Harris center for mental health and IDD and Mr Garden Bridgewater aka Garden Marcus who spoke from his book , How to Grow : Nurture your Garden , Nurture your self .
Mr Marcus Bridgewater spoke with Dr. Ntuba Thompson of Healthndevelopment magazine and media on what his book is all about .
Some vendors who were at the event and spoke with participants about their organizations include , Serenity Place , LLC[ ] , re:MIND depression and Bipolar support [ WWW.REMINDSUPPORT.ORG] , Olive Branch Muslim family services [] , Sahaja Yoga Meditation [ ].
The global burden of Mental illnesses has contributions from all nations .
Mental illness is one of the commonest disability in the United states costing billions of dollars in health policy , protection ,promotion and management .
The national institute of Mental health at the NIH , the Substance abuse and mental health services administration [SAMHSA ] with it,s different centers are national federal level organs for research and interventions .
The different mental health problems include emotional issues like anxiety , depression and Psychotic problems like Schizophrenia .
Post traumatic stress disorders and suicides appear more common today partly because of the stresses of daily life and living .
Some of the mental health problems which are congenital are due to consumption of alcohol and or certain substances of abuse .
Professionals in the mental health field include spiritual counselors , social clinical workers , psychologists, psychiatrist and neuroscientists .
Treatments are mostly Psychotherapy and Psychopharmacology with support groups like National association of Mental illness [NAMI] and Alcoholic Anonymous .
Homeless populations and those in prisons have a huge population of sufferers with mental health issues .
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Dr . Akwo Thompson Ntuba .