May. 26, 2022

WHO DG Dr. Tedros cries as his nation Ethiopia and Eritrea reject his elections .

The World health assembly or WHA in it's 75th edition has reelected present first ever African director general from Ethiopia Africa while his nation of origin Ethiopia and Eritrea rejected his candidature and acceptance as 2nd term director general.
Ethiopians told Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo in St Paul capitol that the war in Ethiopia is caused by those who have hijacked the government for too long and used it for their selfish interest and Dr Tedros happens to have been part of the previous government and party they condemned.
An Ethiopian nurse even went as far as saying that Dr. Tedros uses the office of director general of WHO to fight for the previous government party he is a member of .
Ethiopia and Eritrea openly rebuked the Botswana representative who stood up to present a message of Congratulations to Dr. Tedros for his reelections.
Tedros continues to have full support from all the continents represented at the World health assembly as the only director general in history with that record .
American representatives including France praised Tedros and congratulated him for a job well done in the past 5 years .
The United states continue to push for more reforms at the global health body while the controversial sustainable finance instruments are deliberated upon .
Some belief that increasing the amount of dues will be taxing the richer countries more and creating more antagonism in the future like Donald Trump ,did stopping the USA contributions.
Private contributions for specific projects attracted donors who stood for best practices and accountability with work mostly done by consultants .
WHO want to have staff do most of that work 'which others fear often led to corruption and lack of proper accountability .
Global health professionals and experts like Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo believes that WHO should be streamlined with only essential staff , so that it can be more efficient.
Donors may never buy the proposals of Dr. Tedros and have many other health and development NGOs to channel their money and projects through .
WHO staff seem to be in competition with parallel organs created by UN member states for health work like UNAIDS which are not directly under the control of WHO and it's staff.
Most rich countries like the USA , UK 'Germany ,Japan and others don't need the technical assistance of the WHO though they contribute the largest amount of dues or money .
The donors who give huge sums of money for certain projects may never accept the sustainable financial option of Tedros and may look elsewhere .
The challenges ahead are many but Tedros remains the director general of WHO after reelection opposed by Ethiopia and Eritrea.
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo international political leader physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.