May. 30, 2022

President Biden and Wife Jill returned to Washington after Visiting Robb Elementary school .

USA president Joe Biden and Wife Jill returned to Washington DC on Sunday May 29th 2022 after visiting Robb Elementary school shooting site at the Uvalde town of Texas .
First lady Dr Jill Biden was seen carrying the flowers that the first couple placed at the memorial site created by the residents of the city in honor of the 19 children and 2 teachers killed by the 18 years old gun man by name Ramus .
The Texas governor Gregg Abbot who has been on the grounds for many days since the tragedy coordinating relief efforts and support response to the community members impacted by the killings came shortly after the Bidens arrived.
The Bidens who were tearful while visiting the elementary Uvalde school later attended a mass offered to the respect and honor of the dead members of the community at the Sacred heart Roman catholic church 'where the bishop assured Elementary school age children in attendance that God was in control and will take care of them .
Protesters in Houston infront of the George Brown convention center down town ' spoke loud and clear to those attending the National Riffle association or NRA 150th anniversary convention. to search their consciences and join Americans of goodwill to find lasting and sustainable solutions to the gun violence epidemic in the America which has now been described as a Global public health epidemic .
President Biden assured the Uvalde community that they will do something about the killing of Kids with guns .
Former republican president Donald Trump addressed the NRA convention 'asking the USA to also provide money to protect kids in schools like they sent 44 billion dollars to Ukraine for the war efforts against Rusdia .
Gun control is now going abortion reproductive rights and hate in America as midterms 2022 elections issues.
Republicans are ready to address gun safety if far left Democrats will stop talking about taking away guns from the people 'trampling on their 2nd amendment rights.

Dr Thompson Akwo Ntuba international political leader physician and communicator
Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.