Jun. 4, 2022

Peace for Health and development: Rotary international pioneer work a model .

The 75th World health assembly 2022 had as theme , Peace for health and health for Peace with the goal of sustainable development and Rotary international Peace health and development work should be considered a model .
Rotary international has been working on peace initiatives and missions for many decades and was consulting partner in the initiation dialogues and debates during the beginning of the United nations in San Francisco California USA .
Rotary international believes that if concerned citizens work together to create peace locally, they can create lasting change globally .
The is no better time than now to learn from the peace initiatives and programs of the international humanitarian organization to secure peace through conflict resolution.
The conflict in Ukraine is setting back global gains in the sustainable development goals especially goal three related to the others .
In the USA and other countries , gun violence and domestic violence requires, peace building and conflict resolutions programs like is done by many Rotarians in their clubs and districts around the world .
Conflicts remain a challenge in the provision of Immunizations in hard to reach places because of conflicts .
Rotary international remain an exemplary partner in peace building and conflict resolution for health and sustainable development.
Rotary international launched the Rotary Peace Centers program in 1999 ,training a new generation of peace builders ,with Peace fellows .
Rotary international gives Grants for peace building and conflict prevention .
Rotary works in partnership with other international peace building and conflicts prevention and control organizations like the Institute for Economics and Peace ,Mediators beyond borders international , and the Peace Corps .
The Rotary day at the United Nations highlights the long standing relationship of the organization with the United Nations system 'focusing on actions to be taken to promote the sustainable development goals . The day is also used to recognize volunteers who support refugees , empower youths and promote peace .
Rotary carries out peace conferences and Symposia .
The Rotary Actiob groups for Peace ' Action group against Slavery , Action group against Slavery and the action group for Refugees , Forced displacement, and migration work towards the goals of Peace ,Health and Development.
Rotary international , a true Peace health and Development humanitarian organization is a model for the Peace for health and Health for peace theme of the 75th World health assembly 2022.
Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson