Jun. 8, 2022

Rotary international and Sustainable development goals.

The millennium development goals were eight in Number which transitioned to the UN sustainable goals , the brain child of Africa's first UN secretary general Koffi Annan with total international input .
Rotary recently had partnership meetings with the other big international service clubs including Lions club international ,Kiwanis and Optimists international to work together tackling global development challenges related to Peace , health and development.
Rotary has build a great global community of close to 1.5 million members in close to 200 nations in the World organized in clubs, districts , regions and national , national and internal bodies.
Rotary carries out many actions through projects and or programs that are creating lasting change .
Those who are looking for great private-public partnerships for great development projects nationally or internationally should check out, ROTARY INTERNATIONAL before others .
Rotary has great project fairs, that will show you opportunities through the organization .
The district resource networks is another opportunity for project formularies and or managers in peace building and conflict resolution work, global health work like the fight against malaria , TB and HIV aids , and development projects like adult literacy education programs , provision of clean water to communities under WASH , climate change mitigation programs and economic development programs like small businesses for girls and women.
Rotary observer status at the UN and World health organization is an opportunity for you to have a voice through the organization in international fora .
Rotary fellowships , Rotary fellowship exchanges ,Rotary Action groups , Rotary community corps and inter country committees are some of the Fora to connect with friends ,ideas and resources for community engagement and development at home and abroad .
You can learn more about Rotary international and join at the website. ROTARY. ORG
Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson