Jun. 8, 2022

Summit of the Americas: Mexican president boycotts'. accusing Host USA of Control .

North American nation of Mexico president declined the Invitation of the host nation and President Biden to participate in the summit of the Americas hosted by the United states in the California capital of Los Angeles.
America claims that excluding Cuba and other South American governments and nations that oppose so called USA imperialism and Control policies related to South and Central American countries is their right .
The USA called the presidents of those nations excluded dictators though the nationals see them as nationalists fighting Western imperialism in their countries.
The summit of the Americas helped with the creation of NAFTA that benefited Mexico and other countries in the Americas.
The Pan American health organization or PAHO headquartered in Washington DC USA serves the Americas including Mexico ,Canada and the USA but little talked about by Canada and the USA that seem to have no use for the global health body that precede the WHO though the regional body for the WHO in the Americas.
The summit will also address the health and development issues related to Covid19 pandemic .
Instead of host countries deciding who they want to exclude or not ,the secretariat of the Americas come together should be given that decision to make because the world still has monarchies like the UK where an individual can be head of state or Kingdom for 70 years without elections and is okay with the USA .
Mexico though a North American country with USA and Canada ,speaks and defense the general Hispanic or Spanish Latin America and sees the USA as a spokes person for Western anglophone hegemony.
Venezuela and Hugo Chavez stood up to the USA, for meddling in their internal affairs while Cuba under Castro has been a historical Opposition to the USA interest in Latin America .
Much may not come out of the summit of the Americas though the United states remains a major trade partner to some of the countries like Canada and Mexico.
The question of USA Southern borders and influx of migrants from the other Americas is a thorny issue that requires international leaders, in the Americas to find solutions .
Dr Thompson Akwo Ntuba
International political leader physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.