Jun. 24, 2022

USA supreme court repeals Roe V Wade: Residents protests and fight back .

Many America residents have taken to protests nationally fighting back against the Friday 6/24/2022 USA Supreme court repeal of the 1973 reproductive rights law Known as Roe V Wade.
The are mixed reactions from Americans depending on their political beliefs and. and religious subscription.
In a 5 to 4 votes ruling the republican majority has sent the abortion question back to the states .
Like the death penalty ,each state will decide what they want .
The courts have clarified certain issues and taken some powers from it's self as related to Stares Decisis.
The American democracy is a work in progress towards a more perfect Union.
As I had said before , to consider judicial precedents made in the absent of laid down Legislative statutes or laws is to replace the legislature with judicial law making from the bench .
The founders of the USA constitutional government never deliberated on minor issues like abortion which was left to the states .
No where did Alexander Hamilton and other commentators and apologists of the USA constitution defend abortion .
The amendments to the USA constitution were never particular or specific about abortion .
Weather I agree or not with the five Republican justices who voted to repeal ROE V WADE or not , I agree that their reasoning is solid .
Stares Decisis does not force judges to abide by the opinions and or reasonings of their colleagues in the absence of Legislative statutes.
Those who talk about super precedents must make sure the are Legislative statutes in place to back their claims .
Like FDR threatened to pack the court , Biden can do same because Republicans stole an Obama court opening that they used through Trump to have their Present supreme court majority.
As an international political leader , I have considered that American democracy remains a work in progress that must be worked on by the leadership to make it serve all Americans.
Supreme court rulings on partisan lines put the credibility of the court to question .
Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson international political leader physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.