Jun. 26, 2022

Christians ,Gun control and Supreme court overturned RoeV Wade .

Jesus came because mankind could not keep the law . Government in the Bible. is for the ministry of Justice not partisan decisions to fool God .
Lasw made by man in all their parliaments are like Jewish laws which though ordered by God ' man could not keep .
. While Christians have failed in their commission to go and. Evangelize the World ' making disciples of all nations,satan has taken over calling them to come to some building they call church. With emphasis of raising raising money through tithes and offerings.
Gun laws will not safe Americans from owning guns and killing people with them .
Anti abortion laws will not stop Americans from committing abortions .
If is a fish so called Christian and or church that thinks it can stop abortions by surrender to the state.
The Christ never commissioned any government but the body not so.e building and it's gathered religious zealots .
. The are professing Christian's in both the Republican and. Democratic parties .
The sign of a dead church is the begging of politicians to.pass laws for what they cannot do .
God never called any government but his people called by his name .
God is calling his people to turn away from their wicked ways and seek his face so that the is healing of the lands.
Crime rates in Chicago dropped greatly when DL Moody evangelized the city .
Three days rain almost sank the whole city of Houston in the Harvey disaster .
.. God can rain down water for 40 days and 40 nights and sink down whole nations and cities .
. All those laws are of no use for man could not keep the law and will not keep them today .
. Christ came to fulfill the law. and safe sinners .
Anti abortion and anti gun laws are of little importance ' because mankind cannot keep the law .
His eminence excellency minister,Rev Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson international religious communicator .