Jun. 27, 2022

USA president Biden is in Germany for the 2022 G7 Summit .

Germany the president of the G7 and host nation for the 2022 summit has welcomed President Joe Biden from the USA and his counterparts from France , UK , Canada , Italy and Japan for the 2022 summit.
The Ukraine war energy and inflation are some of the global isdues to be addressed .
Russia stroke sites in Kyiv. Ukraine while the. members of the G7. ate in Germany . Some of the leaders called the Russian strike in Kyiv unnecessary.
Indian Prime minister Norenda Mordi was invited by Germany though. India pledged to continue to buy Russia oil .
It must be noted that the G8 included Russia and became G7 after Russia was expelled from the. Gathering. after taking over cremea.
President Biden will.attend the 30 members NATO meeting while in Europe .