Jul. 26, 2022

HND Int Diplomacy: France and Cameroon disagree over Russia as EMMANUEL Macron visits Africa .

France that works with the other Veto countries at the United Nations security council, voted with the USA and Western European nations to back and support Ukraine against Russia is not having it easy with Francophone African nations who see France as a colonizer like the USA 13 colonies saw Western Europe United Kingdom .
Cameroon dealt the United nations a blow by refusing to support the USA led coalition against Russia in Ukraine invasion just like France dealt the USA a blow by refusing to be part of the USA and UK led invasion of Iraq.
Emmanuel Macron is currently visiting African nations where the life presidents or monarchs of those countries in their unity palaces are his" grand fathers" and have worked with multiple older French presidents .
The sanctions against Russia by France headed by Macron are having an adverse economic effects on those African countries Macron is visiting.
Macron backed by old and experienced French leaders and advisers know how gullible Africans are, especially with their desire to continue killing their people , manipulate them by staging kangaroo fake elections and staying in power .
While the unsuspecting are in the streets in Africa singing for the arrival of Macron , the African presidents are hardly noticed when they go to France and or out rightly ridiculed .
While Macron will try to fool the youths of the nations he is visiting with promises here and there ' smart Africanyouths know that France's Sakozi was infront in the killing of Gadaffi and that the relationship between France and African French speaking countries is. that of master and slave .
Dr . Ntuba Thompson Akwo international political leader physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.