Jul. 29, 2022

HND Hiv/Aids Newsroom: His eminence excellency minister Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson speaks .

His eminence excellency minister,Rev Dr Ebellebuma Akwo Thompson Ntuba an international political leader, physician and communicator has called on the member nations of the World health organization to to engage in the fight against hiv aids that is affecting and killing minority African Americans and Latinos in the USA because of. Inequalities in the access to health care .
The hurricane katrina disasters and Covid19 shows how America and the West. hides their poor multitudes while boasting off riches which are not equitably distributed.
The are many who believe that Western nations are intentionally using the business of Hiv/Aids to exploit the poor of the World .
Health care has been ripped of it s social and. Pastoral. callings and converted into deadly capitalistic industry where nations and companies. Promote technology instead of health promotion and care .
Whole many are asking why the os no Gov aids cure , others say aids is a problem of the poor and they should be used to keep the rich people and nations rich.
.Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo. continues to ask third world nations and people to hold their governments accountable for corruption. long stay or life presidencies and the stealing of donor money to fight aids by those presidents and their tribal and political stooges they appoint as ministers or servants of government or the people .
.Dr Ntuba Akwo calls on global solidarity in reengaging the World in the fight against HIV aids.
Dr Thompson Akwo international political leader physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA.