Aug. 31, 2022

The International Meeting for Applied Geoscience and Energy Empowered industry participants

The Society of exploration Geophysics and the Advancing the World of Petroleum Geosciences or AAPG international Meeting for the Applied Geoscience and Energy taking place in the Energy capital of the World or the city of Houston is empowering participants to come out on top in the different areas of endeavors in the industry with many getting awards and honors for excellence in their work partly because of inputs from previous meetings .
Sustainability in the era of clean energy production and Climate change impact on Humans and the environment partly because of the effects of green house gases produced by burning petroleum products has forced the workers and experts in the applied Geoscience and energy to work towards low carbon solutions , GeoScience for Energy transition and net zero commitments .
The Carbon capture , utilization , and Storage [CCUS] panels addressed current innovative technologies applicable to Carbon Capture ,Utilization , and storage [CCUS]. They left participants with a plan for building a successful CCUS team while addressing CCUS strategies for the future .
Speakers at the Carbon management section of the exhibit hall addressed in detail some of the ways the industry is working towards net zero .
The energy integration and sustainability talks addressed the role of Young professionals in addressing sustainability , and progress of the Geoscience Sustainability Atlas .
The near surface and deep water panels armed participants with resources to be the best in their work .
New Technologies and discoveries in Petroleum geoscience , renewable energy , and sustainability brought Scientists together to shape the future , help one another grow scientifically leading to professional success , influencing the way the members of the community communicate .
The future of Petroleum and alternate forms of energy remains a concern for the members of SEG and AAPG , who met at the IMAGE 2022 annual meeting at the Houston Convention center from the 28th of August to the 1 St of September 2022 .
More can be found by visiting the event website at .
Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson