Sep. 7, 2022

77 Th United Nations General Assembly or UNGA 77 runs from the 13-27 of September 2022 in New York

The global peace , security and development Agenda is facing enormous challenges that requires global cooperation and solidarity.
The wars in Ukraine , Ethopia , Yemen and other spots where terroristic uprising founded on historical grievances by certain people groups and or minorities threatens world peace and security remains a challenge .
The global Covid-19 pandemic has eroded much gains made by middle and low income countries particularly in Africa , Americas, Eastern Europe and Asia .
Most countries will not meet the 17 sustainable development goals by 2030 and may need to work in solidarity and cooperation with other nations at the United Nations to make progress .
UNGA77 will also serve as a plat form for UN member nations to talk climate change and it,s environmental , human and health consequences before the Climate conference in November 2022 or the 27th Conference of parties [COP27] on Climate and the environment in Egypt Africa .
Human rights abuses around the world in all countries put to shame the efforts of the UN human rights commission .
Many UN workers are killed in many countries they serve by hostile nationals.
The refugee crisis remain a great problem to be addressed by all member states .
The nations that former USA President George W Bush called members of an Axis of evil are cooperating more today than ever before .
Without a USA led Iran deal , the Islamic nation seem closer to getting the nuclear weapon like the USA , Russia and other NATO members .
Securing global peace , Human rights and development is not the work of one nation but all UN member states working and upholding multilateralism , in the spirit of healthy interdependence and mutual cooperation .
Youths and Women must be given the space they deserve to enhance the work of the united nations .
Conflicts must never be allowed to disrupt the education of youths any where in the world .
It is time for global leaders to increase their commitment in the fight against pandemics and preventing others like Sars Cov2 virus and Covid-19 .
The high level week where member states preoccupy themselves with bashing others like the United States and Israel does not serve any nation and or group.
Member states are called upon to join others of goodwill in seeking permanent solutions to intractable global problems that affect all nations like Covid-19 . Provisional agenda
Dr. Ntuba , Akwo Thompson
International political leader , Physician and Communicator . Certified professional and expert Global health USA