Oct. 1, 2022


National Association of Nurse Practitioners in Women,s health , gathered at the Marriott Marquis Hotel down town in the City of Houston Texas USA are discussing major Maternal and Reproductive health care issues affecting the patients they see as health care leaders and clinicians .
Following the charge of Friday 30th of September 2022 Key Note by Dr Rhonda Goodman for her colleagues to work to realize their purpose globally and advocate for maternal health to be returned in the Sustainable development goals as was found in the milenium development goals , the women health care nurse practitioners returned on Saturday into different breakout out rooms hosting specialized discussions of issues they address in their practice .
Contraception and the innovations is discussed in one of the break out sessions ,addressing one of the major reproductive health issues, session complimented during the day with an Industry Symposium :Use of Bayer IUDS [Intrauterine Devices } in the Immediate Postpartum Period .
Health disparity is addressed in the O Break out session under " Addressing disparate HIV outcomes among Black Women : Implications for Designing Mobile App Interventions using CBPR , complimented by the Health equity addressed in the W break out session under the topic , " A public health issue : Health Inequities of Uterine Fibroids In Diverse Populations of Women by Dr. Shawana Moore .
Other areas addressed include , HPV vaccines , Abortions , Obesity , Maternal mental health , Syphilis , Breast Cancer , Trauma care in LGTBQI community , Menopause , women and alcohol , fertility and infertility and pregnancy loss .
The women will be using the documentary film " five awake" to inform and educate on Intimate partner violence .
Nurse practitioners and their colleagues practicing clinicians are complimenting their Maternal and reproductive medical doctor specialists and or consultants , contributing in better patient care and outcomes .
Learn more from their website NPWH.org .
Dr . Ntuba Akwo ThompSon , international political leader , Physician and communicator .Certified professional and Expert Global health USA . Editor Healthndevelopment magazine & Media USA