Oct. 10, 2022

Houston,s own Pediatric Dentist , Dr Mina Tabatabai of Minali Dental , Welcomes SmileCon of the ADA

Dental practitioners from all the 50 states of the USA and some Internationals have begun arriving in the City of Houston Texas USA for the three in one American Dental Association annual meeting dubbed Smile Con and are welcomed by Dentists who are resident and practice in the city of Houston including Pediatric dental consultant , Dr .Mina Tabatabai , founding owner of Minali Dental located at 7700 Fulton St #A Houston Texas 77022.
Dr Tabatabai is a proud Houstonian who was born in the city she so loves to serve .
She graduated with a four years bachelors degree with a Rodeo scholarship from University of Houston and then moved to Washington DC , where she got direct admission into Dental school and did a two years residency in the same school after graduation , that qualified her as a Doctor of Dental Surgery or DDS .
Dr Tabatabai loves community and is involved with the International , national USA and local communities helping families have the best Dental experiences for their kids , with her very Child friendly designed Dental office within the Fulton community in Houston .
The American Dental Association is known to partner with other organizations to provide free dental screenins and treatments during their annual meetings as a way to give back to host cities and Dr Mina Tabatabai gives back through the many Dental mission trips that has taken her to Costa Rica , Hunduras . Iran and Panama .
She is very committed to her work , family and Community in Houston .
She is married and has two sons .
The American Dental Association continues to make opportunities for many Pediatric Dentists like Dr . Mina Tabatabai to move upward in their profession .
Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson