Oct. 11, 2022

Global health communication Professionals will join their colleagues at the AMWA 2022 Conference

Elevating Health and Well-Being through medical communication is the theme of the 2022 American Medical writers Association Conference taking place in Denver Colorado USA in November .
Medical communication is a part of Broad health communication and Behavior Change Communication mostly used by Health communication and promotion experts like Dr Ntuba Akwo Thomspon , the health and development editor of HealthnDevelopment magazine and media USA useful .
Dr Ntuba Akwo Thomspon who works with the World Health Organization as a communication partner contributed greatly with Global health communication resources during the Epidemic phase of the Covid 19 Pandemic in the USA . https://healthconsultingint.wixsite.com/healthconsultingint/global-health-communication
The 3rd Sustainable development goal is related to the theme of the 2022 AMWA conference .
This 2022 , participants will have the opportunity to listen to Professor Peter Hotez of the Texas Medical center , the biggest in the World .
Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson worked with the city of Houston Leadership including professor Dr Peter Hotez in communicating best practice in the containment of Sars Cov2.
Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson an international Physician , certified professional and Expert in Global health USA , subspecialized in Global health communication and promotion is member of the Health communication society USA and calls on all those who are interested in Health communication and or health journalism to come to Dever for the 2022 meeting to benefit from it in the following way as the organizers say "
The 2022 Medical Writing & Communication Conference program will elevate health and well-being through medical communication. #AMWA2022 offers
Unlimited access to education sessions by subject matter experts in a variety of content areas
Engaging roundtable discussions — connect with medical communicators across all settings to make new connections and gain fresh insights and perspectives.
Inspiring plenary sessions with award presentations— hear from the honored recipients of the 2022 AMWA McGovern and Alvarez awards.
AMWA Workshops. Register for these3-hour immersive learning experiences led by respected AMWA Faculty on a variety of topics (additional fees apply.)
Opportunities to share and exchange ideas through live chats with session leaders, Q&A with Poster Presenters, visiting with exhibitors and sponsors, and more!
We hope you take advantage of the many opportunities to advance your professional development at the 2022 conference. Questions? Contact conference@amwa.org.

Ref 1 https://centerforhealthjournalism.org/users/drakwontuba