Oct. 23, 2022


Honarable Jackie Baly a greater Houston leader and Sugar Land pro-term mayor who also teaches in the University of Houston and runs a consulting company besides her media work , recently addressed a come together under the alliance of the American Dental association at the Houston Hilton Hotel during the ADA 2022 Annual meeting in Texas .

Honorable Baly took a Bi-partisan approach in her presentation on the future of legislation related to dental practice post USA 2022 midterms elections .

She believes that both parties mean well for the Oral health of Americans but cannot always agree on the strategies to get that done , though a number of bi-partisan legislations have been passed in congress that protects Oral and dental practices in the USA .

She calls for less divisive politics from both sides while saying that it is most likely the republicans will win the majorities in the USA house of representative while questioning the timing of the Inflation act by president Biden , which has lots of Climate and environmental pollution control money , which was and continues to be criticized by Republcians as big government spending .

She talked about school loans and thinks that , it does not serve all Americans especailly those who also had school loans like others and have worked hard to repay . The school loan forgiveness program is actually the use of tax payers money to take care of the loans of others , though democrats have defended the program saying , it is the minorities who are always burdened with excessive post education or college school loans that makes it difficult and a challenge to begin life after school on the same level with the White population that most times have parents who can pay off their loans for them .

Baly a republican politician who was appointed into state offices by governor Gregg Abbot and Former Governor and Energy Secretary Perry does not shy away from her republican positions and policies which she thinks are good for all Americans .


Dr . Ntuba Akwo Thompson international political leader, Physician and Communicator . Editor of HealthnDevelopment magazine and Media .