Oct. 25, 2022

Sports News: Houston Astros Fans Cautiously await the Final games with Philadelphia Phillies.

The Houston Base ball team , Astros , have qualified for the final rounds of the USA baseball season play against the Philies of Philadelphia .
The jubilation is every where not because baseball is the major sports in the USA like American football but because the Houston Football team the Texans and the Basket ball team , the Rockets are not performing as good as expected .
The so called World series in baseball is a misnomer because it is not world games nor global games but limited in the USA to USA teams and also Canada .
To say you won the world series is like saying you competed with other World teams like the FIFA world cup and won the finals and that is not true .
The Astros came out of the 2017 national success to deal with a great so called sign stealing scandal that tarnished the image of the Houston team . Let is be known that fraud and or stealing in sports did not start with the Astros and will not end with the team . Athletes in and or from many other countries use banned substances to enhance their performance and occasionally caught and punished .
Coaches have been banned for illegal behaviors and suspended .
National players in different sports have been caught sexually abusing women using the money they get from gate fees from especially fanatics who support any and or every thing sports .
Houstonians as the residents of Houston are called are cautiously optimistic that their team will win the final games and are rushing in great numbers to the Minute Maid park to buy the newest wears and or merchandise as a show of financial and or public contributions for their team .
No matter the outcome of the final games which may be seven in number depending on the performance of both teams , Houston remains proud of it,s only sports shinning spot , the Astros . Sports business is bringing huge tax dollars to hosts cities which are used by local , state and national or federal governments for development .
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Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson