Oct. 28, 2022

Former USA Vice President Al Gore and Team train Climate reality leaders and activists in Houston.

Former Vice President Al Gore is part of a team of instructors and Speakers in the Climate Reality Project " Power Up : A Climate Reality Training on Advocacy in Action .
The training which is taking place at the Houston Marriot Hotel connected to the Convention center by the Sky Bridge has more than 400 participants mostly from Texas and surrounding states in attendance .
The president and C.E. O of the Climate Reality Project founded by it,s chairman Al Gore , welcomed the participants and made clear the challenges that the Climate Reality project leaders , advocates and activists face by as a movement .
Phyllis Cuttino sees the entrenched and powerful fossil fuel industry as a major challenge that has already invested billions and built expansive network of pipelines , refineries , petrochemical plants and industrial complexes across the Gulf South . She says the impact and cost to the region and on its citizens are clear ; toxic pollution , staggering cancer rates and other diseases , rising temperatures that fuel extreme weather and ever intensifying climate impacts -all of which disproportionately impact low income families and communities .
The two days training will empower the participants with new knowledge, sharpen strengthen their skills and sharpen their tactics , creating a road map and network to challenge and prevail over industry efforts that contribute to global warming and Climate change and it's human and environmental impact.
The presentations address the topics in the five areas of the work of the Cimate Reality projectof 1 Just transition to clean Energy 2 Zero -Carbon transportation 3 Climate Justice and public health 4 building green communities 5 Nature- based solutions .
Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thomspon