Nov. 3, 2022

Americans have increased the amount of hate speech in the Internet especially Twitter.

After studying in the USA and working as a political analyst for close to 20 years, I have come to realize that, Americans are not a united people as some have claimed and. said.
The Monika Lewinsky sexual scandal with former USA President BILL CLINTON showed how divisive and partisan the country was.
Fanatism in sports like politics is all rooted in raw ambition and greed which is driving, the hate speech by Americans on Americans.
The government of the USA has been amended many times because the founding fathers did not have as much foresight as people may want you to believe.
African Americans hate Africans in the USA, as my studies and experiments reveal.
Recent hate of Asians is not done only by white Americans.
The Latino chair of the Los Angeles city council was forced to resign. for insulting blacks as. monkeys.
Sports are not also helping as Americans prefer only their teams to win games and will go to any length to insult and hate members of opposing teams.
Tea party fueled the hatred for Barack Obama while Sarah Palin of Alaska fueled the flames of the tea party.
Donald Trump may have been bold enough to voice what his people were murmuring about but he is not the originator of hate speech in the USA.
Free Speech. remains free and is not responsible for the acts of the stupid.
What operates in America today is what happens in free societies.
When Trump won the elections in 2016 Democrats said he frauded and did not win and many left Washington DC during the inauguration of Donald Trump.
It is hypocrisy for some Democrats to turn and say, Republicans say Biden frauded in the 3022 elections and did not win.
Democrats also undermined the US democracy when they refused to accept that Donald Trump won in 2016.
Former President Obama says, hatred online will destroy the USA but forgot about the hate speeches of his former pastor Jeremy Wright.
No one party or person has the solutions to the problems in the USA today.
The fundamentals of the US democracy are strong.
The US army is still the strongest in the World and America remains self-sufficient as a sovereign state.
Elites build great cities and governments work with the populations.
African Americans have their businesses and churches and associations and have learned to put their differences aside and fight for their needs and that is not hatred.
Those blaming Democrats for white hatred and marginalization do not know that whites own most of the Wealth and lands in the USA.
The American youth is independent , free from tribal oppression and false respect and innovating and creating value.
I have spoken to American youths in the Universities and sports arena and concluded that they are smart and courageous, and ready to add value to the USA.
Democrats like Republicans insult ,accuse and condemn others and should take responsibility for the actions their rhetoric produces.
Security job is very popular in America because criminality is popular.
Pretense and manipulations are behind lots of evil acts.
Hate will not tear America apart. The foundations of the USA have an explanation for the happenings of today. and differences of opinions and Speech contents are protected by USA constitution amendments whole the courts and prisons take care of the criminality of speech and action.
Dr. Ntuba Thompson Akwo international political leader physician and communicator Certified professional and expert in global health USA. Adviser to prime ministers and presidents. Editor