Nov. 14, 2022

Leadership News : International Religious Leader , Rev Dr Ntuba Akwo calls for Peace In Ukraine .

His eminence, excellency Minister Rev Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson carried his message of peace to the Southeastern States of the USA he just visited recently while praying for peace in Ukraine.
In Saraland city Alabama, Rev Dr. Ntuba spoke on leadership at the Fountain of Life Church and the peace that guides him and propels him forth in his mission and ministry travels and work.
Rev Ntuba encouraged leaders of the Church to continue the good work God was doing in their assembly and carried the prayer points which were handed down to him to be prayed for.
Rev Dr. Ntuba told the Christian faith leaders about the work they have done over the years with late Chancellor Oral Roberts and Rev Dr T, L Osborn in Tulsa Oklahoma and around the World.
Rev Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson congratulated the church for the great missionary work they were doing with and through their USA and Overseas missionaries.
At the University of Alabama University Christian center , Rev Dr. Ntuba AKwo Thompson prayed for peace in the World so Baptist ministers and or missionaries from that Christian University would carry the gospel of Christ that brings peace and comfort to the ends of the World.
Walking around the Lyon Chapel in the grounds of the Baptist Christian University in Alabama, Rev Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson invoked the presence of the Holy Spirit that goes with him, coming as point of contact for the work of the Spirit in many places.
Peace is not the absence of conflicts and or confrontations but speaking truth and fighting for justice for all, doing good as we go and resting in the peace of Christ who said my peace, I give you not as the world giveth.
Leadership that operates in peace is one that fights all forms of injustice and satanic manipulations by humans.
In Dominion Leadership, under Letter P, Rev Dr. Ntuba Akwo Talks about Peace.