Nov. 18, 2022

HealthNDevelopment continues Work with the WHO to promote health through Sports

In the 2022 10th Health promotion Global conference organized by the World health organization , Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson , Health and medical editor of HealthNdeveleopment magazine and media was invited to participate and wrote a number of articles on the international event , one of which was Sports and Wellbeing .
The Worled health organization and the Ministry of Public health in Qatar are partnering to bring awareness , secure the health of the global populations and promote the health of global citizens .
Sports continue to be a unifying force and development agent especially in the global arena .
The Houston Astros World series win in baseball brought together more than a million residents , all celebrating the win of their team , putting political differences aside .
The World health Organization and the public health ministry in Qatar continues to work on the Sports for Health initiative of the Qatar 2022 FIFA World cup starting on the 20th of November 2022.
The director general of the WHO Dr. Tedros says " Was a pleasure to get a taste of the upcoming
at Education City Stadium, joined by
Goodwill Ambassador for #Sport4Health
. The beautiful game brings billions together and is a powerful vehicle for peace and health. "
The activities which will take place during the competition in Qatar falls under three headings 1 Health promotion 2 Health security and3 Awareness .
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Dr .Ntuba Akwo Thompson