Associate professor of veterinay medicine and public health at AVMA 2016 USA

St George university associate professor of veterinay medicne and public health attended the just ended annual convention of the American veterinary medical association . He spoke with the editor of healthndevelopment, Dr Thompson Akwo Ntuba on what he does in the field of veterinary medicine , what he teaches and how his work relates to the annual meeting . Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba

Daniel Siegel MD keynote American Veterinary medical association luncheon.

Dr Daniel Siegel was the keynote luncheon speaker for the American vetrinary medical association 2016 convention holding at the Gonzales B convention center down town San Antonio Texas .
He defined the mind to include consciousness, emotion and biological components which if compromised will affect overall wellness and wellbeing of humans.
He gave statistics and data to show that many in the caring professions including veterinary practitioners are seeing risng numbers of suicide rates because of troubles in the mind , that is associated with profound mind suffering with the desire to end it all through suicide .
He explained the reasons behind the present increased anxiety and other emotional problems seen among vets and the many different ways to improve mental wellness and general body wellbeing .
Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba

State of preparedness in Ebola and other emerging pandemics was presented at the 2015 American hospital association annual meeting by four experts whose health systems were affected and were involved in care of Ebola patients related to the 2014 west African Ebola outbreak . They are Bruce S Ribner , MD , PhD professor of medicine Emory university school of medicine and director of Emory university hospital serious communicable diseases unit .
Rosanna Moris , MBA , BSN , RN , NE-BC, who is interim CEO oF Nebraska medicine . Ramanthan Raju , MD, MBA , FACS . FACHE , the president and chief executive officer of the New York city health and hospital corporation [HHC] .
Barclay E Berden , FACHE , is chief executive officer [CEO] of Texas health resources , related to the Dallas hospital care of Duncan who died from Ebola and the nurses infected through caring for him . Their presentations showed the expereicnes they had and changes made in their health systems and regions to be able to handle diseases like Ebola in the USA in the future .