African health scientists discuss gloabl health at ATS 2017

American thoraxic society global health work

Wednesday 26th plennary session .

TuesdaY 25th plenary session .

Monday plennary session

IAS scientific meeeting closing session in Paris France 2017

IAS Paris science meeting opening ceremony .

Challenges and opportunities in hiv/aids science .

Translating impact from AIDS for globL health .

All hands on deck to cure hiv/aids

Amy Moore on Global health at AANP 2016 annual conference .

Vivex Murthy USA surgeon general has been confirmed by senators voting 51 democrats to 43 republicans . The 37years old indian American is an MD with a masters in Buisness administration [MBA ] from Harvard and Yale universities . He was norminated one year ago by president Barack Obama but the opposition from republicans and some democrats delayed the confirmation process. The hurdles included his stance on Gun control which he believed was a public health issue and questions of experience . The Surgeon general is America,s spokes person for public health issues who reports to the assistant secretary for health and human services . DR AKWO , THOMPSON NTUBA

United states department of health continues to lead in the making of policies that promote global health , especially through it,s global health contributions at the Fogarty international center at the national institutes of health .

The affordable care act, aka Obama care , has helped millions of Americans purchase health insurance through the exchanges and many health institutions are already reaping the benefits . Global health research through the Fogarty international center at the NIH is one of the priority areas of focus by the administration .