Addiction interview in beat the streets event by Washington DC police USA .

church based addiction and recovery work at DNC 2017 Phili

Addiction and recovery , church based during DNC 2016 Phili

Addiction at DNC national convention Phili

Cities in recovery .


Chris Harlow on addiction .

Dr. Chris Harlow president-elect of Kentucky pharmacists association spoke with Dr. Ntuba Thompson Akwo during the annual meeting of the national community pharmacists association .
He believes that a holistic approach should be used in the prevention and management of addiction . He spoke about the place of replacement therapies like Methadone and how for success to ensure , other psycho, socio-spiritual therapies should also be included .
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo

Recovery and emotional[mental ] health policy advocacy work at Anapolis MaryLand USA.

Virgil for the dead in Houston , many following addiction complications .

Drug abuse deaths candle light ceremony Houston Texas .

Vigil for the death in Houston Texas .