Mayor Muriel Bowser holds town hall at the Marin Lurther king library down town Washington DC on the 7th of may 2015 , discussing with participants the problems and challenges that confront them , from safety while going to school , to in ability to pay for metro rides to school and back .
Young people had answers to the question of participating in the building of their communities .
She asked them to volunteer in their community centers , churches and other public places of service .
In relationship to police , she said "body cameras will be worn by DC police officers" . She told them , she is asking the council to vote in to law , the rights of DC children to ride the subway to school and back free.

"Repositioning the common wealth for post 2015 development agenda " is the theme of the 60th common wealth parliamentary conference taking place in Yaoundé Cameroon from the 2nd to 10th of October 20014 . The association connects , develops, promotes and supports parliamentarians and governance and implimentation of enduring values of the common wealth . Parliamentarians have as main functions the following , debating and passing all laws [legislation], examing and challenging the work of government and enabling the country to raise taxes . Some speakers belief parliament should be responsive to the needs of the people while others have said social and human development should be made relevant post mdg2015. Are Cameroonian parliamentarians benefitting from all of these conferences ? Does the constant overwhelming majority of one party in parliament an enabling factor to the lofty goals of the CPA?. Are the parliamentarians free to scrutinize government in Cameroon and African parliaments ? Is the legislative branch independent of the executive ? When laws are passed and degrees of implementation are to be signed by the head of the executive branch[president ], who then really makes the law ? When a speaker from one party can be head for almost twenty five years , how do you make a parliament responsive to the needs of the people ? The eight millennium development goals have three health related components which are , maternal/reproductive health, child health and HIV/AIDS , TB and ,Malaria . Most African countries have fared poorly in all of the goals. DR THOMPSON AKWO NTUBA