Mar. 16, 2019

Mayors say energy is indispensable in the development of cities .

IHS Markit 2019 CERAWeek global energy conference got the voices of mayors of major world cities discuss the place of energy in city development .
Barney Crocket lord Provost of Aberdeen city , Aberdeen city council , Hon Sylvester Turner mayor of Houston , Mayor Christine Sagen Helgo of Norway and Mayor Micheal Savage , Mayor of Halifax aqnswered questions as part of a panel , Titled "Voice of Mayors :Energy cities of the future "in the Agora innovation studio .
They talked of the importance of technology and real incentives .How they manage to keep great talents in their cities through immigration policies that encourage people to come in from other countries .

The relationship between education , transportation , health and energy was explained .
City leaders are encouraged to build the ecosystem , talent , diversify and promote inclusion learning from Houston the Most diversified city bin America today .
The mayors who also happen to be members of the world cities that belief in climate change , are taking actions to improve on renewable and clean energy . The city of Houston presently uses wind and solar energy in it,s energy mix .
The lord provost said his city has a dense population with a dense integrated mobility plan .
Mayor Savage adviced that all the energy options should be used if the city has the option.