Oct. 17, 2017

San Antonio mayor,s task force on housing holds public hearing at city Library .

The San Antonio mayor,s housing task force held a public hearing on the 10/17/2017 at the San Antonio public library auditorium from 5;30-7;30 pm .
The housing policy task force updates were presented , and the state housing in San Antonio then delivered in under the title , What we know and what we are doing about it by Veronica R Soto , neighborhood and housing director and Chris Ryerson of the planning administration .
The audience was then given the opportunity to ask questions and get clarifications on what is ongoing .
The members of the housing task force are , Lourdes Castro Ramirez [Chair] , Jim Bailey, Maria Antoniette Berriozabal , Gene Dawson and Noah Garcia .
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo