Jun. 18, 2019

President Trump officially launched his 2020 presidential reelection in Florida .

President Trump and campaign team officially relaunched his 2020 presidential reelection bid in Orlando Florida at the Armway center .
He bragged about the crowds estimated to be about 20, 000 who honored him with shouts of keep America great though he prefers the Make America great again slogan .
He wants the lost Hilary Clinton mails to be found through work at the state department .
He addressed former president Joe Biden as sleepy Joe , and sent a message to democrats on how well the economy was doing with great jobs creation .
He said he just spoke with the Chinese president Xi and was not certain if the will be a trade deal with China , though his tariffs on Chinese products are producing mixed results .
He sounded confident to win the elections in 2020 .
Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba