Jun. 28, 2019

Democratic presidential candidates debate in the first group of first .

The debate was mostly on issues ranging from Economic to foreign policy .
Health care was discussed with most of the candidates accepting to keep and improve on Obama care .
The universal health care positions of Bernie Sanders were described as socialist medicine .
Drug prices was an issue and it was addressed .
The tax cuts passed by the republicans and president Trump was called tax cut for the rich which the candidates said they would repeal if elected president .
The situation at the boarder with Mexico featured in the discussions . Certain candidates believed crossing the boarder should be civil not criminal issue.
The immigration fate of the DACA elements was discussed and most of the candidates would reinstate the DACA benefits through executive order if elected president .
The was not much of one on one attacks by the candidates .
Most of them believed that , they will beat president Trump in the general elections if they became the nominee .
Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba