Jun. 28, 2020


During the May 2020 World Health Assembly, the health and human service secretary of the united states, Azar, addressed the world global health body under the instructions of his boss president Trump for the need of evaluation of the response to the COVID 19 pandemic and the world body speaking through it,s elected director-general who defeated the American candidate made it clear that nations will give accounts of their preparedness and response to the pandemic which President Trump says it is caused by Chinese virus or Kung Flu.
Secretary Azar has given an account to the American people to Jake Tapper during his 6/28/2020 interview and the conclusion is that the USA has done very very poorly or badly managed the response as he paints a very very bad picture of where things stand today, with a narrow window to bring the USA morbidity and mortality under control.
In a sane environment, Azar and others should have resigned, just like many in the USA are calling for the resignation of President Trump over mismanagement of the KungFlu as he calls it and national protests over racism associated with the killing of George Floyd.
In the same interview with Tapper, Azar wants the Trump Judges in the USA supreme court to do away with the affordable health care act, so that millions of poor Americans who got their health insurance through that law will lose it.
Azar has contradicted President Trump and vice president Mike Pence, who believe that all is going well and things should continue under their Opening UP America Again plans.
Azar,s accountability and conclusion of very bad outcomes in Covid19 response give a push to the demands of those who say, President Trump, Azar, and others should resign over a poor account score in Covid19 USA response.
Azar was right in his World health address, that poor leadership related to COVID19 response should go and it is time he goes for others with leadership ability to manage the USA response to the COVID19.
Other respected leaders in the USA are condemning how the country was opened, with many believing that it was poorly done, mostly motivated by the desire to prepare for a win for Republicans in the 2020 presidential elections.
The united states refused to lead or be part of the world when the country was needed most as a voice on the table at the united nation,s health agency and are reaping the consequences of that action as Europe plans to stop travels from America because of very very very bad Covid19 numbers.
Dr. Thompson Ntuba Akwo