Mar. 31, 2020
Mayor Sylvester Turner supports an extension of Harris County's Stay Home, Work Safe order and announces the opening of second City of Houston COVID-19 testing site on Wednesday, April 1 
HOUSTON - Today Mayor Sylvester Turner, standing alongside Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo, announced the Harris County Stay Home, Work Safe order set to expire on Friday, April 3, is now extended through April 30, 2020.
  • Essential businesses can remain open. The Stay Home, Work Safe Order exempts essential workers covered in 16 CISA categories. The list of critical businesses can be found here.
  • Individuals are advised to stay home unless they need to leave their residence to perform "Essential Activities."

"The singular goal is worth repeating, and that is to blunt the progression of the COVID-19 so that we do not overwhelm our health care system," Mayor Turner said. "We know that April 30 may seem a long way off. But if we work together, we can emerge from this health care crisis much quicker and stronger."

Texas Medical Center leaders have endorsed the Stay Home, Work Safe order extension. In a letter, ten CEOs said the order would help prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients.

COVID-19 Testing Capacity Doubles 

Beginning April 1, 2020, the City of Houston will operate two free COVID-19 testing sites. The new site will double the testing capacity to 500 people a day. 

The community sites only accept people with the identification code obtained through the screening process. People showing up at the test sites without an identification code will not get tested. 

Call either 832-393-4220 or go to for an online screening tool. 

As of March 31, 2020, 377 people have tested positive for COVID-19, and four patients have died from the virus in the City of Houston. The virus has also affected the City of Houston employees; eight firefighters, 12 police officers, and 18 municipal workers have tested positive. 

“Opening a second testing site to double our testing capacity is critically important for the City of Houston. We must test people who are sick and have underlying health conditions,” Mayor Turner said. “We need robust testing as we work to blunt the progression of COVID-19.”

Houstonians may visit for updated information about local risk, routine protective actions, frequently asked questions, communication resources, rumor control, emergency preparedness tips, and more.

Mar. 25, 2020

Mr Bin Yu, chairman of the board of the Asian chamber of commerce located at 3535 BriarPark Drive Houston Texas lead a delegation of Asian Americans to Houston city hall with many boxes of protective gear as part of their community,s immediate contribution towards the USA preparedness and Covid 19 response.
He responded to questions asked by Dr Akwo Ntuba Thompson related to the COVID 19 Houston Texas and USA.
He revealed the contents in the boxes found behind him in the video posted, and does not agree with President Trump calling the Virus that causes COVID 19 , the Chinese virus.
He talked about some of the measures and strategies the USA can learn from it,s global health partner, China in controlling the spread of the virus nationally.
He talked about the measures that he and his family had put in place as part of protection from the virus.
He gave different programs that his community and Chamber is doing to help their local populations like awareness webinars.
It should be noted that the Chinese community provide bicycles, during the Easter and Houston Christmas super feast in their hundreds at the convention center for the poor and those in need
Dr Akwo Ntuab Thompson

Mar. 14, 2020

The are eight pillars of preparedness and response to the Corona virus pandemic as the world health organization has declared .
One is country level coordination , planning and monitoring and the city of Houston leadership agrees that the declaration of emergency by president Trump is a good thing that will help with operation support and logistics .
The mayor of Houston declared at the Houston emergency center on Friday during the Covid 19 press conference that the four cases identified so far in his local government administrative jurisdiction may be related to the Egyptian Cruise ship as point of entry , though he does not say if those passengers had the virus in them before boarding or contracted the virus from Egypt. The pillar of point of entry may be implied as emphasis is made with reference to Egypt .
The pillar of national laboratories remained a major concern, because test kits were not available in the initial phase of the outbreak , with samples of suspected cases sent directly to the USA center for disease control in Atlanta . The mayor assured the population that many test kits will be available from next week , paving the way for more tests to be done , with the possibility of more positives recorded . The head of the health department also said with the help of Houston city leadership , two more laboratory specialists have been recruited to help with laboratory testing.
As relates to the pillar of surveillance , rapid response and case investigation, two more epidemiologists have been added to the Houston health department response team , adding to the city and Harris county capacity .
Case management was addressed , and it is known that all the major Hospital health systems that are part of the Houston Texas medical center , the biggest in the world, are ready to address and manage new cases and surges . The Harris county health system , has one of It,s three hospitals , the Ben Taub at the Texas medical center .
The leadership team talked of infection prevention and control , along side the mayor underscored the need for personal protective equipment for first responders and health care workers .
The church and faith based leaders who are calling on the mayor for advice as to church services for Sunday 3/15/2020 were told to make the decisions them selves , if they should close or do online service instead like Lake Wood church .
They were advised to follow safety procedures if they must gather on Sunday in their Worship places .
The city,s communication department working with the health department is working on risk communication and community engagement .
With what is said in the video posted , we would conclude that the state of preparedness in Houston is very good .
Dr Akwo Ntuba Thompson

Mar. 4, 2020

Mrs Cheryl Creuzot was elected by a majority of city of Houston councilors as one of the port of Houston commissioners on Wednesday 3/4/2020 in a council session chaired by city Mayor Hon Sylvester Turner .
In her address to the councilors in session , Mr s Creuzot cited some of her previous leadership board positions in important city of Houston institutions and or organizations
. She assured the city that she would put in her best to address some of the problems plaguing the residents along the Houston port channel , especially health and environmental pollution.
She thanked her husband who was in city hall and family for their support
Her election as a port commissioner makes her one of the nine members of the Port Commission .
She is not paid in her role and will be up for reelection in the next two years .
It is worth noting that she could be in the board for 12 years .Most of the members of the Houston city council spoke well of her and wished her success in her new role .
Dr Akwo Ntuba Thompson