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Timeline of WHO’s response to COVID-19 Last updated 29 June 2020


Jun. 30, 2020


Timeline of WHO’s response to COVID-19
Last updated 29 June 2020

29 June 2020 - Statement​

WHO provides this timeline of the organization’s COVID-19 response activities for general information. WHO will update the timeline on a regular basis and in light of evolving events and new information. Unless noted otherwise, country-specific information and data are as reported to WHO by its Member States. 

This timeline supersedes the WHO Rolling Updates and WHO Timeline statement published in April 2020. It is not intended to be exhaustive and does not contain details of every event or WHO activity. 

As of 29 June 2020, the following milestones and events focused on COVID-19 have taken place: 

  • The Director-General and Executive Director of the WHO Health Emergencies Programme have held 74 media briefings. The Director-General's opening remarkstranscripts, videos and audio recordings for these media briefings are available online.
  • There have been 23 Member State Briefings and information sessions.
  • EPI-WIN, WHO’s information network for epidemics, has convened 60 technical webinars, making available 287 expert panellists to more than 13,500 participants, from more than 120 countries and territories, with representation from as many as 460 organizations.
  • The OpenWHO platform has had more than 3.7 million enrolments, about 80% of which are in COVID-19 courses. Free training is available on 13 different topics translated into 31 languages to support the coronavirus response, for a total of 100 COVID-19 courses.
  • WHO’s landscape of COVID-19 candidate vaccines lists 17 candidate vaccines in clinical evaluation and 132 in preclinical evaluation.

In addition to the selected guidance included below, all of WHO’s technical guidance on COVID-19 can be found online here. 

All events listed below are in the Geneva, Switzerland time zone (CET/CEST). Note that the dates listed for documents are based on when they were finalised and timestamped.

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WHO Media Team