AIDS 2020

Jul. 8, 2020

Dear pre-conference participant,


Thank you for your interest and participation in the Pathways to an HIV cure: tools for community and clinicians pre-conference at AIDS 2020: Virtual. We sincerely hope that the pre-conference has provided you with new and insightful information on the HIV cure field that will be useful to you beyond the virtual event. Kindly note that all presentations and videos (provided that consent is given by speakers and moderators) will be made available to IAS Members on Wednesday 15 July and to the public on Monday 20 July so you will have the opportunity to access and re-watch them at your convenience.


We would like to invite you to participate in open access live discussions happening at the AIDS 2020: Virtual Global Village. Access to the Global Village is free for everyone, no registration required!

·         Wednesday 8 July, midnight PDT/3am EDT/9am CEST&SAST/3pm CST/5pm AEST

Strategies for an HIV cure: join Sharon Lewin and John Frater for a debate on gene therapy vs immunotherapy and ask your questions live at the IAS Networking Zone [free access to everyone: link];


·         Thursday 9 July, 5am PDT/8am EDT/2pm CEST&SAST/8pm CST/10pm AEST

Want to learn about HIV cure advocacy? Join us for a discussion with the IAS/AVAC Advocacy-for-Cure grantees implementing projects in Kenya, Zambia and Uganda at the IAS Networking Zone [free access to everyone: link];


·         Thursday 9 July, 8am PDT/11am EDT/5pm CEST&SAST/11pm CST/1am AEST(+1)

What’s coming up next in the cure field? Join Steve Deeks and Mark Dybul for a live discussion to share your opinions and ask questions on how you want an eventual cure to work and ways to engage community in the cure field. [free access to everyone: link]


Other networking zones in the Global Village to make sure you join this week for lively discussions and artistic performances on cure are:

·         defeatHIV’s Real talk about HIV cure series – chat with the team and join them for art, music and sessions here.

·         JABASA’s Artistic designs and dialogues – join Moses Supercharger and his band for entertainment and education here.

·         AVAC’s Research Literacy Networking Zone – check out their resources and full programme for the week here.


For those registered to AIDS 2020: Virtual, we also encourage you to consult the online programme here to find more sessions, abstracts and workshops related to HIV cure.


We remain available for any inquiries at any point.


All the best,

The Towards and HIV Cure team