Jul. 13, 2020

Relationship between School health ,Education and COVID19.

The is an ongoing discussion on the safety and health of students, teachers, support workers, and others on campuses should shool resume in August with Covid19 numbers increasing throughout the national territory.
President Trump continues to ask states to resume school in August of 2020 or face consequences.
The secretary of Education of the USA is also out speaking on the importance of school to resume come August.
There are different viewpoints though all are saying is in the best interest of the nation that they hold those views.
Many say kindergarten children cannot follow safety guidelines and physical distancing when physically present on Campus, while others say the college students and high school ones will be able to social distance and wear a mask, and also observe social distancing.
Others are talking about families choosing online schooling if they so chose while others can decide to send their children to school.
The debate continues with predominantly members of the republican party predominantly want schools to reopen as part of getting the economy going while most members of the democratic party would want delayed reopening of schools.
The public safety and health of all those who enter and remain on school premises is an important consideration going forward.
The nation is in planning on how to return to school safely.
Dr. Akwo Thompson Ntuba